Useful Sources to check

The more information you can provide us with , the better the chances of success. In general , there are a number of sources that you should check before submitting an application to the centre.

Ancestors Death Records:

In some countries death records contain the names of the parents of the deceased. Death records also give an indication of the year of birth of the deceased.

Newspaper Death Notices & Obituaries:

Some biographical details on your ancestor, including his/her Irish county of origin and the names of surviving brothers and sisters may be contained in a newspaper obituary published in the local paper after your ancestors death.

Ancestor’s Marriage Records:

Your ancestor may have two records of marriage, namely a civil and a church record. Each may contain different details, so both are worth checking.

Oral family history & family documents:

Your relatives may have some useful documents including memoriam cards, correspondence from relatives, or a family Bible containing important family dates.

Census Returns 1901 & 1911:

All people residing in Ireland during this time should appear on these.

Army/Navy/Convict/Naturalisation records:

If your ancestor served in the army/navy services, or was transported or naturalized, biographical details such as place or year of birth, parent’s names etc. may appear on such documentation.

Wills & Deeds:

These may also contain including names and addresses of relatives remaining in Ireland.

Burial & Cemetery Records/Memoriam Inscriptions:

May contain additional information to death records.