Single Record SearchResearch Services Sligo

We can search our database for a single baptism, marriage or death record. Depending on the length of time spent researching and the number of sources consulted, a single record search can cost between €12.00 euro and €20.00 euro. This fee is based on the time spent on research and not necessarily on the results.

If a record is located it will be sent to you by email for no extra charge. Postage costs an extra €3.00. Please note that the minimum fee of €12.00 euro is payable in advance of the search being carried out.


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Research Processing Time

Please note that Genealogical research is a time consuming process. Seasonal demand can increase this waiting period, so we always recommend initiating your research in good time, well in advance of a planned visit to County Sligo. This is also of importance if the research is being carried out for a special family occasion.


Payment options

1. Credit Card

We accept payment by Credit Card ( Mastercard or Visa ). If you intend to pay by credit card, we recommend you contact us with details of your card by telephone using the following telephone number: 00353 71 9143728.

2. Cheque / Money order

We also accept payment by Cheque or Money Order. If you wish to pay by this method, you can forward a cheque / Money order (drawn to the equivalent amount) and made payable to Co. Sligo Heritage & Genealogy Society.

This can be remitted to us at the following address:

Co. Sligo Heritage & Genealogy Centre,
Aras Reddan,
Temple St.,

3. Paypal

We also accept payment by paypal. Please contact us at to arrange to have a Paypal Money Order / Invoice sent to your email address.